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Foundation 's main function is to breed kazakh Tobets and to rehabilitate their livestock. Mission of a kennel is to develop unique working habits of the dog, such as work with the flock either in steppe or in mountains and djailau. Selection work is being carried out just in this direction, so the dog's exterior should correspond to it's historical appearance of this unique breed.

Our selectionists also pay special attention to the dog's mentality, that must be stable in all kinds of situations and circumstances, especially in relationships with human.

Tobet's main enemy is a wolf - fearless animal, worthy rival, clever and tough fighter, that respects it's rival and that never asks for trouble. The dog might not meet the wolf, nevertheless it's mission is to guard the flock from predators.

Tobet is a pride dog. Like wolf it follows clear hierarchy among it's congeners. Remember that wolf is a vindictive animal. One wrong action and like the grandfathers say the dog's tail will stick out of ground, as a sign of revenge to the man. That's why young animals should be brought up and grown up with wise dogs in order to find their place in the pride.


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