How does the dog from Kazakh legends look?

The ex-terrier Kazakh Tobet - amazes with its power. Once having seen a Tobet, you will not forget these beauties. It is a large, a dog of rough type of construction, with obviously present tendency to dampness (concerns only to development hypodermic cells). Average height of a dog is 72-75 cm (sometimes reaches up to 80 cm), weight 50-60 kg. The dog is perfectly adapted to the life in a climate with the big temperature drops in conditions of sharply continental climate.

It has a heavy head with powerful tough skull, with sharply designated eyebrow arches and occipital protuberance. A forehead is flat and wide, transition to a muzzle is smooth, but obviously designated. The muzzle is little bit shorter than the skull, volumetric wide black nose, in form of a rectangular. The upper lip is thick, closes a bottom jaw, the bottom jaw is wide, powerful cheekbones are well expressed. At an inclination of a head on a skull are formed skin folds. Ears are usually stoped, low located, small in triangular form. Eyes are small, round, sit deeply, reliably protected by eyebrow arches. At characteristic inclination of a head is created the impression of threat. Teeth are natural - white and large. The neck is low put, powerful, volumetric with well developed filled pendant.

The format of a body is a little stretched, owing to what dogs, as a rule, are not long-legged. The body is massive, with a wide and deep breast, ribs are round, and false ribs are long developed. A waist is wide, muscular, little bit inclined. Withers are high, powerful, muscular, behind withers at possible high back can be formed a skip but a back is in any case rigid and elastic. The stomach is lowered, almost up to a level of a breast. Hypodermic cellular tissues are well developed on all sites of a body, but especially in field of a neck, withers and under a breast. Practically all cynologists such cellular tissue of Tobet consider as development to protection against the wolf canines, however we consider that as consequence of evolution of the breed in severe climatic conditions. Cellular tissue alongside with dense wool supports temperature balance of a body and an organism during absence of food and water, similarly to humps of a camel or to a fat tail of the Kazakh breed of sheep, only in last turn by a lucky chance serves as protection against canines of predators.

Wool of Tobet is rough, dense to a body, with strong underfur, the length of hair makes up 10 cm, on a neck frequently forms a mane, and on cheekbones whiskers, on a head and a forward surface of legs usually short. Distinctive feature is water resistance, in a literal sense - "like water off a duck's back". Color has no big variety - black, brown, grey, red - all tints have different shades and, as a rule, white and light yellow. Often above eyes there are light spots and light contour around of eyes like glasses. Dogs of dark color with light spots above eyes are called "four eyed", connected with that Kazakhs have various superstitions, they originates in days of a cult of a dog of ancient Turks which was transformed to superstitions with arrival of Islam. Actually spotty and white tint dogs are rare.

Legs of Tobets are thick, massive, brawny, not only back, but also front, at survey behind and in front they are parallel. Tobet as was already told, are not long-legged, the length of a forward leg from a paw up to elbow joint is approximately equal to half of height in withers. Corners of joints of legs are well expressed, consequence of that they move elastic, free and not held down. Lengths of a shoulder-blade, forearms and a shoulder are equal, as well as lengths of hips, knees, paws and metatarsus are equal among themselves. Paws are oval, very large, moderately compressed. Metacarpus are little inclined, as well as metatarsus. The tail is put moderately highly, twists on the end in a ring, usually stoped.

The Kazakh wolfhounds possess an original character. It is a dog with strong social behavior. It aggressively reacts to presence of a potential contender. The question of hierarchy is solved by struggle, but noble rules established by the nature, practically never coming to death end, except for cases of antisocial behavior of one of contenders what practically is consequence of its mixed blood and infringements of mentality. Each individual occupies its position in a pack and carries out duties. In the dialogue with a man Tobet is independent, not obtrusive and faithful. They behave like a friend, a partner, instead of a servant as the majority of dogs of other breeds. They suffer if punishment is not deserved and might lose contact with the owner. To strangers it is mistrustful, but not spiteful, shows aggression with warning, in cases of the incorrect manipulation with it or its owner. The territorial - security instinct is well defined, thus Tobet is not hollow, practically taciturn. Because of features of character has congenital aggression against predators, especially wolves and dogs that look like wolves. This character is expressed practically at all Asian wolfhounds, so it is possible to carry out fights of these dogs with the dogs that look like a wolf. In unfamiliar conditions Tobet behaves easy, confidently and not aggressively. Possessing the highest intelligence for a dog, Tobet can estimate any developed situation and independently take the decision. At the same time, features of behavior of the Kazakh wolfhounds become a serious prevention in their use as service dogs. It would be desirable to concentrate attention at that the Central Asian wolfhounds are considered as the safest dogs in the world for a man. Kazakh Tobet is the safest for a man from all versions of the Asian wolfhounds!


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